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Let's find your PURPOSE!

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

How do you get there?



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I was 13 years old when I came face-to-face with my life purpose. I didn't know it at the time, but the seed was planted.

I grew up very traditionally, went to college, got a job, got married and divorced lol. Yet, I didn't feel completely fulfilled. I knew there was something more I was supposed to be doing.

Do you ever feel like that?

Every thought we think is creating our future.​

- Louise Hay

How does finding your purpose transform your life?

Living in alignment with your life purpose will make you happier, healthier, more successful and improve your relationships.

Some people settle for what society or their family believes their lives should look like. Maybe they gave up on their dreams. Maybe they think they were not good enough or smart enough or have the right talents to pursue their aspirations.

If this sounds like you; someone who is constantly living outside their purpose and unhappy about it, here are some tips on how to start honoring your calling.

ways to connect with your life purpose


1. Meditation

Starting a meditation/journaling practice will help you calm the chatter and hone in on your needs. In this silent time, you will be able to connect more with your authentic self and spirit too.

2. Self-Awareness Work

There are a lot of great courses and workshops out there that allow you to explore and "Know Thyself." Getting in touch with yourself, your traumas, your passions creates a clearer road map on what your natural talents are.

3. Gratitude

An "Attitude of Gratitude" can create leaps and bounds in discovering your life purpose. If you are always in a constant state of negativity, complaining and self pity, you will miss the opportunities that will lead you to discovering your life purpose.

4. Life Coach or Spiritual mentor

Having someone to hold you accountable or mirror your behavior or provide clearer insight is invaluable. You are able to make better choices when you are better informed. 

5. Connection to a higher power like God or Spirit Guides.

Having a relationship to a higher power, connects you to the universe. It gives you a greater sense of purpose and understanding that you are not alone and that there is a divine plan. 

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life purpose


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